Reinhard Knälmann

Lawyer and Notary a.D.




deceased on July 4th, 2019



Practice Areas

Curriculum Vitae

1959-1963 Studied law in Freiburg and Münster
1963 Passed the first state examination
1964-1967 Practical Legal Training (Referendariat) in Lower Saxony, Berlin and NRW
1967 Passed the second state examination
1968-1970 Worked as an Assessor (person in the entry grade of civil service in Germany) in one-person law firm and training as financial assessor at the Fiscal Administration in NRW as well as department head at the Bottrop Tax Office
1970 Joined AULINGER Law Firm
1972 Appointment as Fachanwalt für Steuerrecht (Certified Specialist Attorney for Tax Law)
1980-2009 Notary
2006 Appointment as Fachanwalt für Erbrecht (Certified Specialist Attorney for Probate & Estate Law)


Working Group of Specialized Lawyers for Tax Law Special Committee on Tax Law pursuant to Regulations Applying to Specialized Lawyers (FAO) at the Hamm Bar Association Finance and Tax Committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) in Bochum Rotary Club, Bochum