Dr. Martin Grimm


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Josef-Neuberger-Str. 4 44787 Bochum +49 (234) 68 77 9-451 martin.grimm@aulinger.eu
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Curriculum Vitae

1977-1982 Studied law in Bochum
1982 Passed the first state examination
1982-1985 Practical legal training (Referendariat) in NRW
1985 Passed the second state examination
1989 Doctoral dissertation on "Organisationsrecht der Landesbanken im Spannungsfeld zwischen öffentlichrechtlichem Organisationsrecht und Aktienrecht" [Organizational law of the Federal State Banks in the conflict between public organizational law legal and stock corporation law] and attainment of the "Dr. iur." degree
1986-1988 Corporate Counsel, Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main
1988-1993 Corporate Counsel, Fried. Krupp GmbH / Fried. Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp<, Essen/td>
1994-1999 Director Finance / Investor Relations, Fried. Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp, Essen
1999-2002 Director Finance / Investor Relations, ThyssenKrupp AG, Düesseldorf
2002-2005 Managing Director, ThyssenKrupp Immobilien GmbH, Essen
2005-2013 Chairman of the Management Board, ThyssenKrupp Real Estate GmbH, Essen
2013 Joined AULINGER Law Firm